A new play by Benjamin Kunkel


Here are reviews from the 2011 production of Buzz in Argentina as well as the recent publication of the play. And interviews and stories about the 2014 Brooklyn production.

“Broadly, Mr. Kunkel’s pesky flies represent all the things we put from our minds — climate change, war abroad, inequality at home — in order to enjoy our reasonably comfortable theatergoing lives.” – New York Times

“Powerful experience! Tom and Sasha’s relationship is an undercurrent throughout the show, and [Trevor] Kluckman and [Jeri] Silverman make a delightful pair” – NYU News

“A “fly on the wall” Brooklyn loft experience infested with dark humor, sex, and pathos.” – Theatre Is Easy

“A world that excels at making the familiar seem unfamiliar.” –

Benjamin Kunkel on Climate Change works of art in The New Yorker.

“It seemed pretty appropriate to choose a Superfund site for a play about environmental decay.” – Brooklyn Paper

“[Benjamin] Kunkel’s clever script…really shines.” — Buenos Aires Herald

“…this tragicomedy examines the role of the individual in times of crisis, asking how we accept responsibility for the world’s problems without driving ourselves mad.” — Time Out Buenos Aires

“What makes Buzz the best climate change allegory I’ve encountered — and I count them generously — is its attachment to the historical moment.” — Full Stop

“…never wavers in its emotional authenticity.” — 1st of the Month

“Tom is also capable of telling an interviewer, ‘I guess I’m afraid either that we’ll run out of oil or that we won’t…. I’m also afraid that economic growth will continue, or that it will stop.’ The anxiety and neurosis created by our present situation, and the responses and helplessness they generate, are Kunkel’s concern, though he’s just as interested in showing the way couples invent little worlds for themselves, then go quietly insane in these worlds.”

People You Should Know Interview with Benjamin Kunkel.

Adam Szymkowicz’s I Interview Playwrights
with Benjamin Kunkel.

People You Should Know Interview with Lian Walden.

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